"If Jenny had a sound, it would be that of a match as it ignites. The spark which fuels fires of creativity. She is one of the few people who everyone wants to claim."
"Whip-smart. Curious. Collaborative. Jenny is everything you could hope for in a planning partner, and then some. She innately understands that the business of advertising is coming up with unexpected ideas that resonate with people. She takes the time and expends the considerable effort to uncover stuff that you can actually use to craft ideas that do just that. And she doesn't have a British accent. How refreshing. If you've had the good fortune of working with her, consider yourself lucky. If not, then you should. Immediately. She's that awesome."
"Jenny Rowland is one of the smartest, most collaborative strategists I have ever worked with. Her talents were instrumental in creating a unique positioning for a brand in a very cluttered market."